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My sister must have gotten this from a bunch of old photos when she went on a not-so surprise trip to visit the folks in Marinduque.

I commented back:

Now, I figured:

  • I wasn’t a fan of dental care as a kid. This photo is proof. That being said, hindi ko alam kung paanong naging ganito ka-ayos ang ngipin ko ngayon. Now it makes me want to take care of it. Marami nang nabola ang mga ngipin na yan kapag ngumingiti. And, uhm, other stuff.
  • I understand how influential of a TV show "Okay Ka, Fairy Ko" is. I didn’t know they even sell or provide Prinsipe K suits that time.
  • As a kid, I never understood, aside from the purposes served during these street parades, what an Emergency Lamp is for. At kung bakit namin siya nagagamit kapag brownout lang. Unfair lang.
  • As a kid, I can’t recall performing on recitals or school plays. Or winning any sport. Or being in a TVC for that matter. But this is one vivid childhood memory of something I’ve done as a kid. At poging-pogi na ako sa sarili ko niyan.
  • Mas matangkad talaga si ate kaysa akin. At mas maputi ang mukha niya. Maisingit ko lang.
  • Frustrated photographer si Papa. Sige, Pa, alin talaga ang gusto mong kunan? Kaming mga anak mo, o ang tindahan mo…???

National Siblings Day daw kasi. Really? Someone came up with that?

Oh well. I miss you, sister-slash-neighbor.

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Happy National Seedling Day!

Huh? Ano? Sibling?! Ah tang*na mali!


Haircut. Shave. Workout.
Three things that are waaay overdue.


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This could have easily passed as a Philippine Tourism ad. #PINASmile is way simpler and catchier than “It’s more fun…”

Oh well.


Magkaiba po yun #EarthHour saka #HappyHour. Pareho lang madilim pero magkaiba po talaga.


What’s wrong, Bud? Hot Saturday?


Today’s run makes yesterday’s fever seem like a joke. It feela good to be well. And alive.



Since my last post…

…everything’s been a repost of what I had on my other social networks (Instagram, GetGlue TVTag, Twitter). Ganun na ako katamad. The height na ‘to ng katamaran ko.
yep, GetGlue has been renamed TVTag. IMHO, mas maganda yun GetGlue.
…I’ve lost 10 pounds. Yay!
…I’ve gained 5 pounds back. Boo!
…I’ve donned another uno haircut.
…my uno haircut has grown back.
…I have started running again.
…I have stopped running again.
…I have started running back again.
…I have stopped running. Again.
…I have started runn— talaga, Choi? Ganyan talaga?
…my Pork Binagoongan has gone up a notch.
…my Pork Adobo has been, meh.
…I have officially handled a training class. Yep, I can finally add “process trainer” to the list of things I am mediocre at. Choi of all trades, master of none.
…I have been to Cebu! Yes! Finally off the list.
…I have kept in touch with my previous team. Miss na miss ko na sila. Maybe I will post details on a different post.
…I almost lost a few limbs on a would-have-been freak accident. Ikukwento ko na lang din sa ibang araw.
…I have been on in a relationship with the same angel. Going 3 years now.
…I still have not stopped pretending somebody cares. Case in point: this blog.

Pucha. Na-miss ko yung blog ko. Subukan ko ulit araw-arawin.


I’m watching Mixology

“I’m a multi-character-romantic-comedy type of guy, so this is the show.”

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I’m watching American Horror Story

“”So either crown me, or kiss my ass.””

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I’m watching Nashville

“”I’ll see you on the unemployment line.” - Juliette Barnes”

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The team I most terribly miss.